Welcome to Karma Rub’s affiliate marketing program.

We’re always looking for clubs and organisations who believe in our
products as much as we do. Our affiliate marketing program gives
them the opportunity to share the benefits of a product people love.

Promote our product and earn

20% of any sales


Our marketing program promotes the Karma Rub Sports Spray
however our affiliates would benefit from the sale of any of Karma
Rub’s fantastic products


How it works

We’ll supply you with an advert and hyper-link unique to your organisation.
There are lots of different shapes and sizes of advert available.

Add this to your website , socials and emails.
This is the only part that you need to do – we do the rest.

If someone clicks the ad then makes a purchase we’ll be able to track it !
When they click, it’s open a page explaining the products, then takes them straight through to the shop.

Every three months we will transfer the money we owe you to your nominated account.
There’s no cap so the more you promote, the more you can make!


  • League Sporting Clubs
  • Local Sporting Clubs
  • Social sporting groups
  • Dance / Gymnastic schools
  • Recreational sport business
  • Gyms
  • Personal Trainers
  • Sports Physio
  • Rehab care providers
  • Supplement retailers
  • Sports equipment retailers
  • Charity Organisations

If you belong to any of the above, or any other sporting organisation, we’d love to hear from you!

Ph 1300 854 327 | affiliate.marketing@karmarub.com

PLEASE NOTE: The advert will need to be set up with the unique hyperlink by you or your preferred tech/web developer (we are unable to assist with this). There are a few things that need to happen for us to be able to track the sales - they must make the purchase directly after clicking through your club specific link (if a user navigates away from the website or closes the window, we won't be able to track the purchase) so make sure your club community is aware of this. Users will also need cookies enabled on their browser. Funds that have been accumulated via purchases from your sponsorship deal with us will be transferred quarterly via bank transfer. We will require your treasurer's email to conduct communication and your BSB / Account numbers for the transfer - OR - we can send on a yearly basis via cheque (postal address required).
T&C: Contact Karma Rub Pty Ltd for full Terms & Conditions. Applies to trackable sales. The proposed sponsorship period can run indefinitely and can be terminated at any time.